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How Much is the Cost to Play Powerball?


A basic Powerball card usually costs around $2 apiece. If you add an additional dollar, you can include the PowerPlay option, this increases the prize size if you guess correctly one to five qualified numbers. To sum up, the biggest cost of 1 Powerball ticket is $3.


How Does PowerPlay Work?


For the payouts with matching five to six balls, the option for PowerPlay works in a different way. The million US dollar prize that is awarded for the matching of five white balls with no PowerBall will always be doubled to $2 million if there is the PowerPlay option. Take note that the other multipliers do not come into play.


The PowerPlay will not affect the amount of the jackpot, which is already considered fixed even if you buy the PowerPlay option or you prefer no to. No multipliers will apply to payouts of the jackpot.


How Do You Play Powerball?


Powerball is a lottery game of two drums. The first drum holds white balls with a quantity of 69, and the other drum holds red balls with 26 pieces. Only 1 red ball is drawn, and that ball is usually called the Powerball.


When you purchase your ticket, you pick five numbers, those will be drawn from the first drum together with the white balls, and a Powerball number. The Powerball winning number will be drawn from the other drum together with the red balls.


You can select your numbers for Powerball or you can make use of Quick Pick, this draws your numbers for you randomly.


Do Powerball Numbers need to Be In the Correct Order to Win?


The first five Powerball order of numbers does not affect your winning chances. But you must guess correctly the Powerball in order to win the jackpot. How Many Balls are needed to win a Prize in Powerball?


In order to win a prize in Powerball, you simply need to select one single correct number, the red Powerball.


If you are able to pick the Powerball alone, this will award you a prize of $4, which means that with a purchase of $2, you have 1 in 26 odds of having your investment doubled in your ticket.


So that you can win the jackpot in Powerball, you must match in any order all of the five white balls, including the red Powerball.