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Payment options and Jackpot accumulation


Jackpot winners have the choice of receiving their prizes won in cash or as a graduated paid annuity in 30 installments yearly. Each payment annuity is 5% higher compared to the previous year in order to adjust for inflation.


The estimated jackpot advertised represents the payments in total that would be given to jackpot winner(s) if they accept the option for an annuity. This estimate is will depend on the accumulated funds in the jackpot pool which is rolled over from drawings prior to it, sales expected for the next drawing, and interest rates in the market for the securities that will be used in funding the annuity.


The jackpot estimated usually is 32.5% of the revenue if non-Power Play of each base play, passed by game members to be accumulated into a prize pool in order to fund the jackpot. If the jackpot has no winner in a certain drawing, the prize pool will carry over on the next drawing, it will continue to accumulate until there is a winner of the jackpot.


This prize is the cash paid to a winner of the jackpot if they prefer cash. If the winner selects the annuity, the current market rates are utilized to check the graduated payment


schedule and the installment initial is paid. The funds remaining in the prize pool are then invested to produce the required income in funding the installments remaining. If there are jackpot winners of more than 1 for a drawing, the prize pool is simply divided equally for all winners.


MUSL together with its members accepts all risk in investment and is obligated contractually and liable to the winner to create all scheduled payments to the winners’ annuity. If a jackpot ticket is unable to be claimed, the prize pool funds are then returned to members in percentage to the amount they have contributed to the pool.


When someone has won the Powerball jackpot, the following jackpot is guaranteed to be $20 million. But if a jackpot is not won, the rollover minimum is $10 million.


The cash in the jackpot is ensured to be the value of the current annuity. If the revenue from ticket sales will fall below expectations, the game members need to contribute additional funds towards the jackpot pool in order to cover the shortage. This is most likely to can occur if the jackpot is won in two or three consecutive drawings.


Claiming prizes


A ticket that has won must be claimed in the place in which it was bought, regardless of what residence. The age to play Powerball is usually 18, in Nebraska is 19, and in Arizona, Iowa, Mississippi and Louisiana are 21 years old.


Usually, the Powerball players do not have to select cash or annuity except if they have won a jackpot then they basically have 60 days to select. Exceptions would include Florida and Missouri, the clock for the 60-day begins with the drawing, so a winner of the jackpot who prefers to take the option in cash needs to make quick plans in claiming their prize.


Texas and New Jersey require the cash choice to be done when playing. In New Jersey, a ticket for an annuity can be updated to cash after winning, however, in Texas, the option is binding. All players in Powerball had to make the decision when playing. This regulation has been removed by 1999. All of the prizes in Powerball must be taken within a period range from 90 to 365 days, it depends on where the ticket was purchased.